April 15, 2010

home studio

I'm in the middle of planning an overhaul of my large yucky basement (aka the "Dungeon") so I can turn it into a lovely craft, art, design & music studio. I've been looking for inspiration and ideas for a long time now and my plans are almost done. For some reason research & planning takes 80% of my projects' time and execution only 20%.

Well, I ran into this site that gives you a peek into a few artists' workspaces. I'm fascinated by creative people's personal studios because sometimes you really get a peek at how they think just by looking at their work environment.

So, here are some creative's workspaces. http://tinyurl.com/ych4pqb

(If you have good home studio resources, pictures or suggestions, please email me: else at elseblake dot com)


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