January 05, 2011


I often tell students that the life of a true creative is a life of constant stimulation. When I "clock" out at 5 o'clock, my brain doesn't stop thinking about design. I see inspiration and principles of design 24/7. I'm drowned in it and quite honestly, I don't mind it. Quick stop at the grocery store to buy lettuce on the way home turns into a 30 minute packaging design exercise because yours truly happens to get distracted by shiny objects: design on the shelves. It doesn't stop there, it's all around me, as I leave the grocery store, drive home, come into my house and start dinner: garage sale signs, radio spots, junk mail, the way my ground turkey forms into funny shapes as it cooks in the pan. Everything is stimulation. Everything can be inspiration and Else lives for inspiration.

On that note, I must also say that among the many things that inspire me, once in a great while I come across a few things that actually cause a behavioral change in me, something that captures my heart, gives small wings to my dreams and makes me a better creative.

Yesterday, a good friend sent me a site that did just that and (as I always say), if you know what's good for ya, you'll go visit it, bookmark it and have it for desert. You won't regret it.


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