February 08, 2013

It's Mount Doom Day in graphic design land for Else

Still on a blog break but the poo has hit the fan so hard this week that I feel the need to post my feelings into badly designed semi posters so here I am.

I am surprised I have not murdered anyone this week so I will post these in celebration and go eat a cupcake because butter and sugar are my friends.

hope your week was awesome.

else poo

January 24, 2013

It's TOMS time. Again.

We interrupt this regularly scheduled break to inform you that I have purchased (and finally received today) another pair of TOMS.

Ugly to some. Awesome to others. I am the "others".


 back to our break now...

 Else Cake

August 02, 2012

I make people.

And here's my latest creation.
I am in love with this little man!

Welcome to the world, Mr. Basie Mateus Blake! I love you!

{ mama else cake }

July 04, 2012

are we there yet?

Dear friends,

Sorry for the 9 month disappearance but I have been busy cooking a brother for my sweet Doodles. Pregnancy unfortunately is not at all a magical time for me so I'm glad to be almost done. Almost.

Baby is due any second now but after all the false alarms I've had lately, I'm not really holding my breath. I wonder if this one has decided to stay in until he goes to High School... * sigh *

Well, Happy 4th of July, everyone, I hope my next post is not a whining one about being pregnant but one about the new addition! (Oh, did i tell you it is a boy?)

bye folks,

{ else cake }

May 13, 2012

happy mother's day to me.

* we interrupt the current post break just to brag. Again. What a sweet husband I have! *

Been drooling over red TOMS for a long, long time now. I love the cause and find Blake, the founder, a really decent, adorable human being. And even though my purchase would go to a good cause, I just couldn't bring myself to pay full price for one. Yes, I am cheap.

But guess what I got for Mother's Day? (which by the way, we don't really celebrate at home because my husband is one of those guys who does loving, unexpected things all year long. Unconditional love, selfless attitude and small thoughtful acts - that's him)

Thanks for getting it for me, Vert. Hooray. Lav Yee.

{ else cake }

April 08, 2012

happy easter to me

feeling blessed to have people in my life who are supportive & helpful & loving and will stand w/ me when the waters are rough - this lovely gift from my sis-in-law (who happens to be one of these good people) is never leaving my finger! Thanks for the gift & for the unconditional love...  u!


March 31, 2012

mid-storm reminder

My lovely sister-in-law sent me this quote in an email. (She is always an anchor during my storms!) Thought I'd make myself a reminder to hang in my office. ya, ADB.

see ya'll in July,

Else Cake

November 03, 2011


Sorry for the long break. 

This blog will return in the summer of 2012. 


else cake

October 20, 2011

social media shoes

while researching products for a client tonight I ran into these bad boys. 
 they're only conceptual. Sigh...  I love them.

white space is nice space

honk if you like this as much as I do. via @copyranter