June 27, 2011

Dyson DC28 Animal

If you've been around me long enough, you probably heard me go on and on about Dyson products and my DC28 Animal, the best $500 we have ever spent - and that's coming from Ren and I who are pretty thrifty & frugal, I would say, and refuse to pay full price for ANYTHING. No way.

Alrighty, this post is a random and boring one, I'm aware. I simply want to state (for my own benefit) that while vacuuming our home last night, I realized that my Dyson runs just as powerful today as it did the first day we brought it home. Other than our Macs, no other product I've bought ever lived up to its ridiculous claims. This one does. It's the best piece of equipment you'll ever buy. Also the last. Every screw, knob and panel on that beast is worth what I paid for years ago and that makes me happier than a baby drinking Kool-Aid! What really sold it for me was Ren vacuuming the living room IMMEDIATELY after I had just vacuumed it with our old Hoover. Incredible: the Dyson sucked up so much dirt, it was like I hadn't vacuumed at all. Good bye, Hoover, I hope the landfill treats you nicely (sorry, tree huggers).

I will buy anything that has the Dyson name attached to it and have become the known Dyson freak - stopping random strangers at the store to tell them my stories with the enthusiasm of a true salesman.

Tonight I sat down and took the time to finally write the company a loooooong email full of praises. Again, judging by my enthusiasm, they'll probably file my letter under "Coo-Coo" and move along. That's OK. I need no compensation or response. I'm just happy to own this puppy - staring at it right now as I write you. I heart my vacuum cleaner.

The end.


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  1. I seriously love vacuuming. It's amazing the dust and crap that you pick up off of seemingly clean floors. I haven't had the privilege to own a Dyson yet, but thanks to you stellar endorsement it will be in my (most likely distant) future.