March 04, 2011

when your better half is more than better

Trying to juggle a busy full time job, motherhood, wifehood, freelance design, a clean house, laundry, big yard and a blog leaves Else Cake stretched pretty thin. (it's the reason I blog, like right now, at 3am)

I was born to a pair of extremely organized clean freaks - my mother worked outside the home and managed to dust every day and every Friday do what we call SPRING CLEANING in the U.S. (furniture was taken outside, floors were scrubbed, polished, then stuff brought back in). So I often end up feeling like a bit of a failure because my floors aren't always sparkling and I can't keep up with the 3 year old and "Toys R Us" (her toy boxes) in my living room.

It also doesn't help much when Mr. Blake is a collector at heart - he's a gatherer of all things metal and Marvel. Admittedly he is sadly not the best at finding a "home" for the things he gathers. Very clean guy but oh, so messy.

Well, I have been working some long days & weekends and the house was getting out of hand. I was NOT looking forward to coming home last night because it was going to be a night of cleaning for me but instead it was a night of relaxy-taxi.

Mr. Blake took 2 hours off work during the day, came home, picked up the house, did dishes and made everything shine. I walked in with the Doodles and I swear I heard a choir of angels sing - the house sparkled! I fainted.

So here's to my Vert, my more than better half who constantly shows me kindness without ever expecting anything in return - you, my love, make me feel like it's mother's day, valentines' day, my birthday and christmas all year long.

ugh! could i love you any more?


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