March 08, 2011

what kate did for me

I woke up at 3 again. Couldn't sleep so I grabbed the computer and fell in another design rabbit hole. Not accidentally, I landed on Promise Tangeman's blog and saw the post about Kate McRae - a beautiful 7 year old girl battling brain tumor. I wasn't been able to do anything else after that so I got up, went to the Doodles' room, kissed my girl and watched her sleep for a while.

Hmm... I still can't stop thinking about Kate so I had to write.

At 3 in the morning everything is amplified, I suppose. It's very quiet and you can hear & feel things you normally don't notice. Had I seen the post about Kate at 11am, I would have passed it right by but at 3am, I'm very sensitive and attentive. It hit home. My days & weeks are a blur and I rarely have time to pray & meditate anymore. I get stressed out over little things, I curse when I should bless, I complain when I should be thankful.

I have a healthy and wonderful child.
I'm healthy.
My love Ren is healthy.
That's enough.

I am blessed. And that's more than I deserve.


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