March 01, 2011

more chalk ♥

I despise caramel (i'm going somewhere with this). And do you know why? Because I have the gift of "obsession until sick", is what my mother calls it. When Else Cake was 8ish, she spent an entire allowance on a giant bag of hard caramels, her favorite. I knew if I went home my mom was going to make me share them with my mean, mean brothers so instead, I climbed up my neighbor's tree and ate the entire bag. I got sick. The end.

Chalk lettering & drawing is becoming my caramels. I'm obsessing. I'm pretty sure I'll be sick of it before long and will feel ill at the sight of it. But for now? I'm up in the tree feeling nothing but love for it.


Else Pooh

PS: Oh, geez. By the way, this is Dana Tanamachi. She's a Brooklyn based letterer & graphic designer. I u, Dana.

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