February 26, 2011

i like mike

Else Cake often writes people or brands she ♥ - usually to tell them what a good thing they are in the world. (I wrote Old Spice when their hot man campaign came out and they sent me free stuff in the mail. I wrote Nair, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft Foods, Nestle, I write McDonalds often, etc... I also write brands when they do a ghetto job on delivering on the promise because well, God bless America, that's the beauty of free market: you do a crappy job, I'll go to your competitor who will treat me right. Am I ranting already? this early? Sorry.)

Bla Bla Bla: last week I wrote Mikey Burton a design love letter of appreciation. He wrote back & was really quite sweet which made me ♥ him even more. How lovely. So here goes a few more posts about Mikey. He's good stuff.

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