January 29, 2011

candy & i

candy is this sweet girl, actress and amazing singer i had the pleasure to call friend while living in Garden City, KS, for 4 years. We were inseparable. Back then we sang at lectures, ball games, school plays, choir, fund raisers and church. We won a talent contest and we wrote a few things together. I also sounded MUCH better then and played much better too. We hadn't seen each other in 8 years and one night she showed up at our house in KC. This was recorded at 3am, after a long night of talking. So for the record, the guitar is out of tune and my playing is absolutely horrible (i haven't played this song in years), the audio was recorded w/ no microphones and is completely unedited, our voices are non-warmed up and we barely remembered the lyrics. We just hit record and this is what came out. Nice seeing you again, Candy. Oh, did I say she also speaks Portuguese? She's great.

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