December 08, 2010

my Dad

We interrupt this current hold on blog posting for a very important public announcement.

It's my dad's birthday today!
He's a man with love & affection beyond imagination, a man who is a buddy, an advisor, an angel of kindness and a human being who signifies selflessness. A man who still worries about his little (34 year old) girl and wouldn't think twice about giving all he has to make sure his children are safe, secure, happy and successful. He's a walking example of what it means to be respectful, gracious, honest and hard working. He makes me proud and I consider him my personal trophy - my Dad, my close friend and my greatest hero. I am who I am today because of who he is. Te amo, paizão!

happy birthday, Dad!
- nega

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  1. lovely. you made my day, too. happy birthday to your papa!