November 13, 2010

blake bedroom

Decorating my bedroom. finally. Mainly for relaxing purposes - we won't be taking a vacation any time soon so if I can turn my bedroom into a resort (sorta), I'll be happy. With that said, I've decided to pick a calming (i know, boring) palette for the room and the trick now is to find pieces that mean something to me.

Husband is installing beadboard on existing light blues walls so this is what I have to work with (for color scheme/style - see pic below). I need ideas & inspiration for a layout and furniture. Anyone? Blogs? Sites?

Every piece of furniture I own is either a hand-me-down, Goodwill find or dumpster rescue (repainted by yours truly). I'm slowly getting rid of all the cheap China made crap in the house and replacing it with real stuff. Again, need inspiration now so any thoughts, sites or advice is greatly welcomed.

to be continued...

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