August 04, 2010

tomboy style

Tomboy Style is this lovely blog I just found that dedicates its posting to a lifestyle that not only wears "boys' clothes" but spills its tomboy influence into other areas like music, film, literature and more. Lizzie Garrett, you are a genius. I love you.

When I was about 5 years old, I remember standing at the front gates at my house, sobbing uncontrollably as I watched my two brothers fly their kites out in the street. My parents firmly believed that a girl should NOT be allowed to do any sort of boy activity or game. I was forced to sit with my grandmother and learn how to knit, sew, crochet and clean. I hated it. I was picked on by my cousins & aunt because I couldn't knit. My cousin was knitting sweaters by 5th grade and I couldn't finish my little "practicing" square. I wanted to play soccer with the boys outside, jam on guitar, learn the drums, drive like my brother did at the age of 12, ride dirt bikes and fly a kite. (I have never flown a kite to this day)

I'm a very feminine person (I tell myself) but I'm not a girly girl. Never been one. I was about 10ish when I started raiding my dad's closet for his white long sleeve dress shirts. I wore it with my brother's old ripped jeans and moccasins with no socks, of course. My class mates made fun of me but some cool women I admired thought I dressed chic. Good enough for me. My brother repeatedly punched me for wearing his jeans and my dad threw fits because his shirts weren't in his closet when he needed them. All worth it. Tomboy style rules.

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

Audrey Hepburn

Françoise Hardy (I love her)

Garance Doré (10 eews for the cigarette tho. nasty)


  1. great post, my dear. garance is french, so she gets a pass for the cig. i've always loved the shot of chan marshall with the flag. check these links, too. i loved 'em:

  2. OMG. Lexi in Cannes. Total meltdown. WOW! Love that!