May 18, 2010

roger oddone

Brought to my attention by the fantastic Christopher Ralston, here's some sick work that made my week better: Brazilian designer Roger Oddone. I can't stop looking at his work... may need to go into rehab for it. :|



ta da!

Simple is better. Simple is more effective. Simple communicates louder without shouting because it has credibility. I often say this in interviews and to design students: the most successful marks are those who say the most with the minimum amount of visual information. Peel the layers, dial it back. I didn't make this up. I learnt it. And it works. The same is valid for process and Roger's way of getting from point A to point B is nothing short of inspiring to me: I call it design porn and here's more of it >>


  1. Roger's work inspired me to no end, and it really helped me on a current project. I'm thrilled that we bonded over it, too!

  2. Thank you for sharing Roger with me.