May 14, 2010


Ren is this lovely human being I found wandering around a dusty town in kansas almost 14 years ago. Aside from his incredibly filthy mouth at the time and love for death metal, Ren and I had pretty much everything in common. We were two peas in a pod, made from the same dough in heaven, we joked. He's been my husband for 9 1/2 years and I can't imagine being with anyone but this guy. Still smiling, still selfless, still creative, giving and very handsome. The most amazing father and loving husband. I pick on him more than I should for his eternal love of comic books & role playing games but the truth is, that's the gas that keeps his creative tank going - I'm proud of his music, the things he's recorded and published, the work he does and just how passionate he is about it all. He's also a designer, musician, good cook & lover of our good God, just like yours truly. I love this man and I'm mighty proud to be called his wife. So... yeah. This is Ren. (Say Hi, Ren)

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